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Hello movie fans and welcome to another Cult Labs’ newsletter. Once again it’s packed with great cult movie news that we know you’ll love. So, without further ado let’s get to it with two unmissable upcoming cult film events…

Sharknado 2 On The Big Screen!

To celebrate the upcoming DVD and Blu-ray release of Sharknado 2 – one of the craziest and most entertaining movie of the year – London’s Prince Charles Cinema are hosting a one-off event. On the 8th October at 8:45pm, the UK’s only theatrical showing of Sharknado 2 will kick off in London’s home of cult cinema. As with all of the events at the Prince Charles Cinema, it promises to be an insanely fun night out! Visit for more info on this.

Sharknado 2 is available on DVD from the 27th October. Pre-order yours at and have yourself one heck of a Halloween movie night!

We Are Going To Eat You!

For the second Cult film event, we’re heading to Cheltenham for a chance to see Lucio Fulci’s classic Italian horror film, Zombie Flesh Eaters on the big screen! Grab a couple of beers, chew on a still-warm brain and tuck into this special screening of a masterclass of Italian horror cinema! For more info, just head over to!

A Shameless Movie Marathon

Carrying on from the Sharknado 2 and Zombie Flesh Eaters screening, this weekend is the perfect excuse for a mini-Shameless movie marathon of your own! Pour yourself a glass of J&B whiskey and sit back and enjoy a movie marathon from the greatest label dedicated to cult Italian cinema. Whether you choose well-known titles like New York Ripper, Torso and Cannibal Holocaust or hidden gems like Footprints, The Nurse and even Ratman (we love that little critter!), make this weekend a Shamelessly yellow one! Head over to the official Shameless store and support the label by filling in any gaps in your Shameless collection by visiting

Well that’s it for another weekly newsletter. If there is something that you are working on or would love to feature in the newsletter, just let us know and we’ll sort that out for you!

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It’s Friday!

Happy Friday Cult Labbers! The weekend is nearly here and soon you’ll be able to put your feet up, with a glass of whiskey on the rocks and enjoy a movie marathon in style. Before that, here is this week’s Cult Labs’ newsletter!

Watch out! There’s A Sharknado Coming!

Recently a UK weather warning has been announced. Torrential rain, gail-force wind (rather unpleasant of Gail!)  and hundreds of hungry man-eating killer sharks! From Hammerheads to Great White, grab your brolly and your chainsaw for the most awesomely bad movie of recent years. This is one of the most entertaining modern ‘cult’ films and the PERFECT movie to enjoy with friends, pizza and plenty of beer. It’s an absolute blast! If you have been dubious about the Sharknado craze, trust us you will love Sharknado 2. It’s utterly insane! Head on over to the official Facebook page for some great content and plenty of upcoming competitions too. Just watch out for any raining Basking sharks – those ones are the worst!

FrightFest Video

Whether you attended the UK’s greatest horror festival this year or not, you’ll enjoy this great video taken during the FrightFest celebrations. Cult Labs fan, Paul McHugh has put together an excellent collection of videos filmed at the festival. Check out his channel and re-live the fun!

Australia’s Most Twisted Killer Is Back!

In 2005, horror fans were treated to a modern classic of slasher cinema straight from the fiery heat, Down Under. Wolf Creek became a huge hit and one of the greatest slices of Ozploitation of the new millennium. Now, 9 years later the murderous maniac from the outback has returned with Wolf Creek 2. A runaway success at this year’s FrightFest, Wolf Creek not only delivers the nerve-shattering tension and scares of the original, but crams in gallons of gore, a very impressive body count quite possibly the greatest horror villain this year. An absolute must see for fans of Ozploitation and slasher movies (especially those manage to terrify yet still be hugely entertaining and fun to watch). It’s out now on DVD and Blu-ray and comes highly recommended from Cult Labs. Head here for all the info.

Forget Dirty Harry! It’s All About Dirty Hairy Now…

From one FrightFest hit to another. Wolfcop was one of our favourite films of the festival and we know cult fans will be in cult heaven with this film. Sharing a similar tone to the simply awesome Hobo With A Shotgun, Wolfcop will have you howling with laughter – it’s insane! Winner of Total Film’s “Best Penis Trauma” award and artwork by Cult Labs’ fave The Dude Designs, you can’t go wrong with this one. Head over here for more info! Win yourself some great Wolfcop goodies by entering our competition. Simply take your best werewolf-esque selfie and tweet it for a chance of winning. Good luck!

Shameless Giveaway!

With the Sharknado heading to the UK this weekend, it’s time to put on your limited Formula For A Murder Shameless-mac , grab your black leather gloves and have yourself a giallo-marathon! Don’t forget the J&B! To celebrate the latest Shameless release, the incredible tin-edition of Ruggero Deodato’s gruesome and super-sleazy giallo, The Washing Machine, we’re giving away a copy to three lucky Cult Labbers. To enter, simply head to the competition thread and unscramble the famous Italian horror movie titles. Simple! Hurry, the competition ends very soon!

Best Of The Labs

The Cult Labs’ forum has been busy with so many great discussions this week. Here’s some of our faves. Click the link and join in the chit-chat…

  • Suzi Gina’s Transgender Thread - The lovely Suziginajackson has recently set up a great thread on the forum dedicated to Transgender movies. From Some Like It Hot to the hilariously awful Glen Or Glenda. What movies can you add to the list?
  • 50 Weirdest MoviesGag has shared a fantastic article packed with the 50 weirdest movies ever made. The usual are on there, but there’s a huge amount of obscure rarely-seen weird movies on the list too, that you may not even have heard of!
  • And they say VHS is dead… - Is it? Sure hardly any new VHS are released these days and everyone is obsessed with high-def, but we’d say that nostaligic format is still alive and kicking. It can’t die! Heck, I even collect Videodiscs! From pre-certs to childhood faves, direct-to-video-nasties and even VHS ‘board’ games, VHS will have a place in many cult film lovers. But what do you think? Dead or alive? Visit VideoPunk’s thread and share your thoughts.

Well that’s it for another weekly newsletter. If there is something that you are working on or would love to feature in the newsletter, just let us know and we’ll sort that out for you!

Come and follow the Cult Labs’ Twitter page. Drop us a tweet ( @CultLabs ) and join in the chit-chat. We really do love to hear from you and what you’re watching!

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