Damned By Dawn (cert. 15) will be released on DVD (£15.99) by Momentum Pictures on 7th March 2011.


Damned By Dawn is a strange mix of cliche and originality. It might seem like a negative thing to mention cliches, but when it comes to genre cinema, it’s the contrast between old and well-loved familiar stylistic ticks and new ideas that lifts a movie out of the ordinary.

So Damned By Dawn certainly contains a lot of ideas lifted from the Evil Dead movies but then, it utilizies an underused folk monster (see last weeks blog that focuses on the screaming howl of the BANSHEE). Cliches and fresh ideas slamming together. The essential ingredients for a successful horror flick!

Let’s see what the reviewers said:

“…remarkably effective piece of visual spookery, both atmospheric and blood-splattered, with lots of fog, an evocative script, and ghostly FX that rely on make-up rather than CGI…” – UNDEAD BACKBRAIN

“DAMNED BY DAWN is serious fun … And you can’t knock a film with flying skeletons.” – FANGORIA

“HIghly original and gushes a full dose of chills!” – HORRORNEWS.NET

BONUS: Damned by Dawn Featurette – Screams

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