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Fully restored, remastered and available on Blu-ray double play NOW!

Dracula Prince of Darkness hits UK stores and online retailers this week, the first in a series of beautifully restored Hi-Def editions of some of Hammer Films finest cinematic moments.

Read some of the great reviews of the new special edition, available now:

“StudioCanal has a winner straightaway with the first in their series of Hammer releases with the classicDracula: Prince of Darkness. Here’s one that fans of B-movie horror should be happy to pick up and keep in their collections” – BLU-RAY DEFINITION

DVD ACTIVE on the all new documentary Back To Black: “It’s a great overview of the film regarding the production of the film and the new era in Hammer’s film projects (including four projects back to back). It’s a great albeit quaint making of with plenty to learn about the film and the time it was made.”

Best of Hammer Dracula sequels – Christopher Lee creates menace without speaking a single word!” – SPOOKY ISLES

“This new release of Dracula Prince of Darkness is an essential addition to the collection of any serious classic horror buff” – SHADOWLOCKED

“Visually, this is everything that you would expect from a Hammer film. Wonderful gothic sets, great lighting, fantastic costumes and bags of atmosphere, an atmosphere aided no end by James Bernard’s ominous score.” – ANDY ERUPTS

“Studiocanal’s much anticipated restoration doesn’t disappoint. Restored from the negative, the film looks incredible, with vivid colours almost bleeding off the screen.” – STRANGE THINGS ARE HAPPENING

“If you say you love vampire films but haven’t seen DRACULA: PRINCE OF DARKNESS then this is a must have for your collection. This film has all the suspense and action you would expect from this series of films and will show the TWILIGHT fans out there what a REAL vampire looks like.” – SNAKEBITE HORROR

“This new blu-ray of Dracula: Prince of Darkness from StudioCanal UK is the first in the planned series of restorations and judging by how this has turned out I think we’re in good hands!”BLOGOMATIC 3000


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