Celebrating Sirpa Lane

Boobies, bums and alien sex.

Sirpa Lane may not be your typical household name, in fact the majority of the population has probably never (and will never) hear about this late great actress. Appearing in only a handful of sexually explicit exploitation films, fans of underground, obscure and dodgy cult cinema know and love this lady. With the upcoming release of the Shameless Sexploitation box set, featuring two of Lane’s greatest films (Love Goddess Of The Cannibals and The Beast In Space) what better time than now to celebrate her two biggest talents; her breasts.

So, buckle up for the low down on this adults-only star and the various naughty films she appeared in. Just don’t stare too long…you may go blind.

There’s very little written about this actress despite (or perhaps because of) the films she featured in. Her career was short and never quite fulfilled its potentional where it was tragically cut short when Sirpa died of AIDS in 1999. Appearing in a  seemingly forgotten and mysterious film, Fluff followed by La Jeune Fille Assassinée directed by Roger Barbarella Vadim, it wasn’t until 1975 when Lane struck gold with the peak of her career in the ‘classic’ sexploitation film, The Beast. This notorious film was directed by one of cinema’s most infamous directors; Walerian Borowczyk who was known for his emphasis of sex and erotica. The Beast however proved to be his most controversial work, causing mass-hysteria in the UK where it was instantly banned. Featuring explicit scenes of beastality rape with a giant penis, huge uproar followed the film for it’s depiction of a character who seemingly enjoyed rape (a huge taboo in British film censorship even today).

From sex with creatures with giant willies to…Nazis. Sirpa Lane’s next venture into the freakish world of sinema takes us to 1977′s Navi Love Camp 27 – one of a whole flurry of Naziploitation films popular in this decade. Whilst not as sleazy as some of the better known nazi films, it’s still oozing with rape and lesbians left, right and center.”What is the worst act a woman can be forced to commit… again and again and again…” screamed the film’s tagline.

After a little comedy in the form of Malabestia, Sirpa Lane decided enough was enough! No more sex films! She found herself a nice frequent job on a charming and colourful little children’s show. Not! Next she chose to take part in a film from one of Italy’s most sleaziest directors, Mr. Joe D’Amato. Love Goddess Of The Cannibals. Yep, Sirpa’s at it again; getting her breasts out. A true masterpiece of sleazy exploitation cinema, the film proves to be a lot of fun with plenty of sex and some very nice cannibalism riding upon the hugely popular cannibal cycle of films in the late 70s/80s, most notably Cannibal Holocaust and Cannibal Ferox.

Leading us to 1980, Sirpa revisited the story of The Beast with the unofficial sequel The Beast In Space (why not in space?!). Seemingly by now she had been somewhat typecast as the erotic female who loves giant non-human penis. Cashing in on the worldwide success of Star Wars, The Beast In Space features rape, sex, giant robots, blond haired cyborgs, light sabres and Uranus Milk (Yes, Uranus Milk). It’s truly one of the strangest and yet most hillarious exploitation films your ever likely to see. If you love your movies weird, outrageous, sleazy and utterly bonkers then this is the holy grail of your film viewing!

Trois Filles Dans le Vent, The Secret Nights of Lucrezia Borgia with cult star George Hilton and Exciting Love Girls followed in the few years to come, before Mrs. Lane called it a day on her acting career, only appearing in a few Finnish magazines discussing her film roles and her AIDS-related demise. Although her filmic career was short lived, she appeared in several highly controversial yet adored exploitation films of the 70′s and early 80s and as such will never be forgotten as  one the most beautiful actresses ever to grace the mirky and dark screen of the drive-in/grindhouse cinema.

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Shameless Sexploitation will be released on DVD by Shameless Screen Entertainment on 23 April 2012. Pre-order yours here.


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