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Ever since the living dead developed a hunger for human flesh in 1968, the world has been overrun with these shuffling (and sometimes sprinting) somnambulists. Flesh-eating, rotting cadavers ready to tuck into the succulent brains of the few remaining survivors. Zombies have swept across the globe at an epidemic speed and now, for the first time ever, Taiwan has become infected with this fan-pleasing plague. That’s right, Taiwan’s first ever zombie film, Zombie 108 is out very soon! Packed with over the top gore, lots of nudity and sheer manic fun this is a must have for all zombie fans and lovers of trashy exploitation. Out on the 30th July comes Zombie 108 to DVD. Pre-order yours today!

What better time to have a quick countdown of the greatest, craziest, goriest and wackiest zombie films Asia has ever created. So grab your sword and prepare yourself for one bloody bumpy road!

1. Versus

Japan waved in the new millennium with one of the most frantic and frenetic zombie films ever created. Shot on a very small budget, this crazy film features some truly breath-taking and unforgettable action sequences. Fists, samurai swords and bazookas are used to battle the undead back to the depths of Hell. With imaginative cinematography that nods towards the innovative Matrix films, the adrenaline in this film is pumped up to the max.

2. Wild Zero

When aliens invade the Japanese countryside into a zombie’s paradise, all hell breaks loose in this totally off the wall freak of a film. Following a group of performing metal heads known as the Guitar Wolf, this film is as close to Troma as you’re likely to find from Asia. Buckets of gore, armies of the dead and waves of awesome guitar lead music makes this one of the greatest and most enjoyable rock ‘n’ roll zombie films, putting entries such as Hard Rock Zombies to shame.

3. Kung Fu Zombie

Whilst not necessarily the first zombie film you may think of when it comes to Asian classics, this murky little known exploitation film from the early 80′s remains a slice of forgotten fun. Starring Billy Chong, this zombie film blends the living dead with one of the greatest things associated with Asia; martial arts. Epically band on all the right levels, this is the perfect film for those looking for a so-bad-its-good film. With a plot as ridiculous as the best hilarious grindhouse atrocities, Kung Fu Zombie will kick your ass as you laugh at it.

Keep your eyes out for the second part in our celebratory blogs of Asian zombie cinema later this week!


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