They (whoever ‘they’ are) often compare sex with death. The well known idiom ‘La Petite mort’ used to describe an orgasm literally translates to ‘A little death’. Perhaps this explains why there seems to be an abundance of sleazy, sexy and very naughty zombie films! With the new acclaimed zombie film, Zombie 108 (out on DVD on the 30th Sept) containing some frisky scenes, what better time than now to look at the sleazier side of the living dead. How many have you seen?

1. Shivers (David Cronenberg, 1975)

Whist strictly speaking not a zombie film, Shivers tells the the tale of a parasitic creature that infests the living, turning them into brainless ‘zombies’ hell bent on getting freaky with everyone and everything! One of Cronenberg’s earliest works, this film still manages to shock and send…er shivers…down the viewers spine. Many have commented on its similarities with George Romero’s iconic masterpiece, Dawn Of The Dead that was release only several years later. Climaxing in a jaw-dropping orgy, Shiver remains one of Cronenberg’s greatest achievements of psycho-sexual metaphorical goodness. A must see!

2. Erotic Nights Of The Living Dead (Joe D’Amato, 1980)

No sleazy list would be complete without the mention of a certain someone; the indefatigable Joe D’Amato. A titan of Italian sexploitation. With a breast and a bout of blood in the majority of this twisted auteur’s oeuvre, Erotic Nights Of The Living Dead is just what you’d expect.  Following a group of holidaymakers touring the Caribbean islands who enjoy frolicking at every given chance, even during a zombie outbreak, this is a great piece of sleazy trash. With plenty of naughty scenes including one in which a champagne bottle is opened (without the use of hands…) , the film slashes and slices between scenes of erotica and scenes of extreme violence. An intended social commentary or just a way to cram as much sex and gore into a film? Good question. Who cares? Better question!

3. Virgin Among The Living Dead (Jess Franco, 1971)

Joe D’Amato is not the only man to claim the crown of Italian sleaze-fests. Oh no! Jess Franco could equally compete for that title. Virgin Among The Living Dead throws logic out the window like a sodden condom* and instead replaces it with a barrage of boobies and boobies and some zombies. And boobies. If you’re after some sort of a defined plot, you’re looking in completly the wrong place with this outing. Apparently the underrated Jean Rollin was responsible for the film’s iconic dream sequence which adds at least a smidgen of class to this cheesy and sleazy movie.

*Note: Do not throw sodden condoms out of the window. It could make quite an unwanted hat for a passerby.

4. Dellamorte Dellamore (Michele Soavi, 1993)

Stepping away from the logic-lacking luster of the past two titles, Dellamorte Dellamore (also known as Cemetery Man) is one of the greatest zombie films from the 90s, competing with Braindead and Savini’s Night Of The Living Dead. The film is perhaps one of the strangest zombie films ever made, with an undeniable and unique atmosphere. Plenty of passion and living dead mania, Dellamorte is both beautiful, sensual and funny; a tough combination to pull off! Starring the terrific Rupert Everett in the lead role as the tough as nails crypt-keeper, the film was recently released onto UK DVD by Shameless. Highly recommended!

5. Zombie 108

Asia. When it comes to films, Asia has given us some of the craziest, the wackiest, the most bizarre and the sleaziest. Zombies are just the tip of the iceberg! Now from Taiwan comes this new film, Zombie 108. This film has everything you could ever want from a fun night in; zombies, blood, gore and plenty of sleaziness. If films such as Braindead, Wild Zero, Junk and Return Of The Living Dead are your cup of tea, then this comes strongly recommended! Well made, naughty and with it’s tongue lodged firmly in its bloody and foaming mouth this is a must for all zombie fans! Check out the trailer below:

sacral nervesella

ZOMBIE 108 is out on the 30th September. Pre-order yours today!


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