Zombie Survival Tip #4

Besides the kissing,  the contaminated food and the awful music, the most iconic part of a wedding is the ring. A piece of metal (or plastic if you’re cheap) that symbolises the never-ending love and union of the happy bride and groom. But, as well as being a sign of your undying passion for one another, this tiny item of jewlery could also save your live in the event of a zombie outbreak during your wedding, as seen in [REC] Genesis.

While your family are running around like lunatics eating one another, feel secure in the knowledge that you posses one kick-ass zombie slaying weapon wrapped around your fat little finger. To work, simply have your newly married partner rush towards the lighting cupboard of the ceremony hall (see the previous tips below for tips here). Flick on the lights and aim on of the spotlights at the ring upon your finger.

Line up the diamond perfectly with the light and before you know it you have yourself an intense, face-melting laser gun reflecting off your ring. With a simple motion of your finger (good practice for your honeymoon!), aim the shining laser beam at the approaching zombies. Burn off a hole in their brain instantly! Burn a whole in their knees and watch the little undead scumbags squirm – fun for all the remaining family!  One ring to kill them all.

For a romantic snapshot, why not ask your photographer (assuming he’s still alive) to snap a shot of you two happy love birds snogging, through the still smoking laser hole in a now dead-for-good zombie’s cranium.

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