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The new nerve-wrecking British horror film, A Night In The Woods (out on DVD now!) tells the heart-thumping tale of a group who, despite warnings from the locals, spend the night in one of the most terrifying woods in the world; the legendary Wistman’s Woods, Dartmoor, Devon. It isn’t long before all hell breaks loose and the group quickly learn why the locals never dare enter the woods after night. ┬áBut are these woods really evil or is it just a load of fictional nonsense designed to give you sleepless nights? Well, according to local mythology, the evil that lurks in the darkness of these trees is too real.

The woods themselves are bizarre and otherworldly Known for it’s short, gnarly and stunted trees, these woods have long since been associated with tales of ghosts, Death, Hellhounds and even the Devil. Legend has it that the woods themselves were created by the Druids and was used as one of the main hotspots for their most grizzly, gruesome and terrifying human sacrifices.

It is often said that these dark woods are the home of the Wisht Hounds; a pack of fearsome hounds from the darkest pits of Hell that roam the moors and the woodlands each night, in search of lost souls or sinners/those who have yet to be baptized. Locals have often reported the sounds of blood-curdling howls and growls coming from the woods at night. Perhaps these tales could explain the mysterious cloven footprints that appeared on a snowy morning in Devon, known as The Devil’s Footprints.

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The stories of the woods don’t stop there however! The legends are in abundance here! There’s tales of a phantom terrier. Tales of a ghostly army of white hooded figures which roam the in an ancient area known as the Way Of The Dead. And tales even the locals are too scared to mentioned! Would you stay a night in the single most haunted woodland in the UK? Would you risk being the chew-toy of a pack of flaming Hell Hounds? Would you dare to witness what evil these woods hide? More importantly, would you survive A Night In The Woods?

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