After the night He came home and audiences fell in terrified love with Michael Myers, John Carpenter had a lot to live up to with his next film after Halloween. Instantly fans wanted to know what would be next for Carpenter; another slasher? Maybe something completely different? Two years later, audiences would be blown away once again with another classic of the horror genre, The Fog

Whist you could say that the menacing figures in The Fog are more zombie-like than ghost-like, there’s no way we can leave this film out of our ghostly countdown of the best ghost films! No way, José.

Staring Jamie Lee Curtis who quickly earned her place as one of the greatest Scream Queens, her mother Janet Leigh and everyone’s favorite cult hero, Mr. Tom Atkins (Creepshow, Night Of The Creeps, Maniac Cop), this was a low-budget bad-boy with only the very best stars. Just imagine if Christopher Lee had been available to star, as originally intended. I don’t think we could handle such awesomeness!

Despite being a big success with audiences and critics alike, it wasn’t until another two years later, that the masterpiece known as The Thing was released. Three horror classics in 4 years – not bad!

For a modern masterclass of ghostly tension and haunted house horror, be sure to watch The Pact!

Break-out horror movie smash of the year that has been electrifying hardened genre fans and non-horror fans alike, “The Pact” combines the supernatural terrors of “Paranormal Activity” with the tense atmospherics of a serial killer thriller to create a unique, modern-day take on the classic ghost story.

And it’s out on October 1st! Pre-order yours here.

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