The month all Horror fans have been waiting for is finally here! Let the countdown to Horror’s biggest holiday begin – there’s only a few more weeks until Halloween is here. To celebrate, all this month, we’re challenging you to see how many of these 31 classic Halloween movies you can watch this month. Join in the fun and take part – how many of these great Halloween horrors can you watch this month? Head over to our Facebook page to see how many you can watch. Anywho, on with the newsletter!

Frankenstein’s Army Have Taken Over!

As you probably have seen by now, Cult Labs has been taken over by Frankenstein’s Army! Celebrating the crazy new horror movie’s DVD release, grab your copy from Amazon today! Need a sneak preview? Head here and check out some of the best monsters since Hellraiser.

Cursed Dolls

To celebrate Chucky’s comeback with the chilling new film, Curse Of Chucky (available from Amazon here) we’ve been going doll crazy this week! How many evil doll movies have you seen? Take a look at our Top 10 favourites and let us know yours. But how real are cursed dolls? With Chucky’s welcome comeback and the twisted doll in the hit horror film, The Conjuring, we take a look at some of the real life evil dolls that inspire the movies. From Robert The Doll to a spooky aging dolly! Head to the official Facebook page tomorrow for all the details.

A Very Special Halloween

It’s been 35 years since HE came home and to celebrate the anniversary, HE’s coming home again in High Def. For a limited time, the 35th Anniversary of the ultimate Halloween movie, Halloween will be available, in a glorious steelbook! A thing of beauty and a must have for all horror fans. Head on over to the film’s new official forum for all the details on this fantastic and ultimate release, full of new goodies.

Smashing Sequels!

The originals are not always the best. There are many great sequels out there that have surpassed their originals, from horror classics like Evil Dead II to Spaghetti Westerns including For A Few Dollars More. Now comes the excellent, gory and incredibly entertaining new sequel, V/H/S/2. A gruesomely fun anthology horror movie that competes with the likes of Creepshow for greatest anthology film of them all. This is an unmissable horror movie, directed by some of cinema’s greatest talents, including the minds behind You’re Next, Hobo With A Shotgun, Blair Witch Project and The Raid

Head over to the official Twitter page of V/H/S/2!

Oh So Shameless!

There’s only a few more weeks until Shameless’ super sleazy new release, The Nurse comes to UK DVD for the very first time. Staring the very sexy Ursula Andress (best known for her staring roles in Dr No, She and Mountain Of The Cannibal God) alongside Jack Palance with is one seriously saucy Shameless film. Just take a look at the artwork! Head on over to the film’s official forum at midday today to see the reverse artwork.

Well, that’s it for this week. See you next Friday!



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