A Special Horror Treat

Hi everyone and welcome to this week’s edition of the Cult Labs Newsletter! *applause* *applause* To kick this newsletter of in style and to bring in the weekend, we’ve got a great treat for all fans of Cult Italian horror films. Head here and check out the excellent new short film in the style of the best Italian horror and gialli from yesteryear. With an original score from Zombie Flesh Eaters and The Beyond‘s composer, Fabio Frizzi and several very familiar faces, it’s the perfect short film to watch on a Friday!

Shameless Selebrations

As another week draws to an end, we find ourselves ever closer to the eagerly awaiting upcoming Shameless release of Ruggero Deodato’s twisted and rarely-seen, ultra-violent giallo, The Washing Machine. Housed in a unique case that’s bound to stand out in your collection it’s going to be awesome and easily one of the best cult releases of the year. Keep your eye on the Cult Labs forum this lunchtime as we’ll be revealing the new Shameless trailer today!

Some more exciting Shameless news will also be announced on the Cult Labs’ forum this lunchtime too. Those who find themselves constantly on Facebook and Twitter will be very happy with this news! Keep your eye out and you could win a handsome Shameless bundle too!

The Best Of The Forum

It’s time to take a quick peek at some of the greatest threads and chit-chat on the Cult Labs forum. There’s always plenty going on, so why not join in with some of these…

  • Holy Boxset! - We all love the cheese-fest that is the 1960′s Batman TV show. Well, we’ve been going crazy about the ULTIMATE upcoming box set on the forum, as started by Bringer Of Funeral‘s thread. Join in the convos and share your thoughts – is this one of the best box sets of all time?
  • Fan Artwork - Cult Labs user, Nora has shared with us some fantastic cartoons this week off some classic cult actresses. From Raquel Welch to Flash Gordon‘s Jean Rogers. Check them all out and make some of your own suggestions!
  • Enter The VHS Vaults - The Mayor of the VHS Vaults on Cult Labs has posted up a video of a great haul of tapes he came across…in a skip! He’s going to need a bigger car next time! Take a look – what’s the last VHS tape you added to your collection?
  • School’s Out For Summer! - The lovely SuziginaJackson has been donning the black eye make-up and snake skin this week, with plenty of great chat on the Alice Cooper thread. Take a look!

Win Some Stuff!

This week on the Cult Labs forum, we’re hosting a competition for all those action buffs out there. Get your rippling muscles on the brand new Jean-Claude Van Damme actioner, Enemies Closer with this week’s fun competition. But be quick! It ends later today, before your chance to win a brand new Troma movie is revealed…

Well, until next week, take care and keep the Cult alive!

Come and follow the Cult Labs’ Twitter page. Drop us a tweet ( @CultLabs ) and join in the chit-chat. We really do love to hear from you and what you’re watching!

Kyle (Iluvdvds)


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