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Oh yes, that's right. Halloween goodies are already hitting the shelves. They've got some old horror films for sale too - stuff like White Zombie, The Bat, Killer Shrews and The Brain That Wouldn't Die too. Pretty cool really. The dvd art is the origal posters which is also schweeet.
I grabbed this lot from my local branch, which incedentally has only been open a couple of weeks!

When they was ringing them through the till the bottom four pictured were coming up as recalled and they wouldn't sell them to me, I asked if they could just ring some of the others again and they said no so I asked to talk to the manager, some scrawny supervisor came over, he went on to say they must have been recalled because they are faulty and said I couldn't have them, I then asked to speak to the real manager who happily sold them to me.

It's obvious why they were pulled from sale though, there's no certs on them
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