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Originally Posted by bizarre_eye View Post
I don't care if they do re-release all their titles if it means we get some more obscure new releases further down the line. Shameless are a small indy label, and need to build revenue wherever they can find it.

From a marketing pov it's a pretty wise move releasing this boxset, as a) it's better value than buying the three individual releases, b) the striking cover art will probably attract more interest in the Shameless label, and c) a boxset release will sometimes introduce customers to new films they otherwise may not have bought singularly - meaning they may want to check out more.

Ditto for the individual Bronx Trilogy releases too. In fact, at the time when the Trilogy tin was first released, I seem to remember some people asking whether the titles would eventually be released individually, and Almar said that they would be.

Bigger companies are always re-releasing titles, and most of them have money to burn.

I am also one who agrees that any re-release should not be part of the standard numbering system.
I may be wrong, but I don't think most people have a problem with the fact that these are being re-released. I agree with you, whatever keeps the money coming in for Shameless is great, I think if they were being released number-less or in the case of the Bronx movies, with their original numbers, I don't think anyone would have cause to complain.

Originally Posted by bizarre_eye View Post
A small aside on the numbering issue, I'm pretty certain (and correct me if I'm wrong) that the first 20 Shameless releases (Wave 1) produce the Shameless spine builder. Any releases after that are just numbered, for no other reason but just to detail which release comes next.

I fully understand why people would feel compelled to buy the 1st 20 releases, but anything after that is just a number - no need to buy them all if you don't want to.

Most companies release titles with some kind of serial no. identifier on the spine, but how many people actually collect every title from that specific company just so they run in sequence?! Just because Shameless' numbers are more obvious (and lower due to them being a very new company), doesn't mean that you have to buy them all.

How many people will be worried about numbering when they're up to spine no. 1835?
Probably me!

You're right, it isn't important to some people, and nobody is being forced to buy anything, but these releases are appealing to genre fans with a collector mentality, me included. I've been lucky enough to receive review copies of Shameless releases in the past, something I'm extremely grateful for. These were disk only review copies, and in each instance I still bought the proper release - one of which was Satan's Baby Doll that fell outside the first 20, because it is important to me to have the set.

I have a lot of goodwill towards Shameless for bringing these titles out - I actually bought probably over 50% of them blind, because I have faith in the company bringing out interesting material. I know for a fact I'll buy whatever Shameless bring out next, they've earned that goodwill from me, but this does seem to be taking advantage of that slightly.
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