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Originally Posted by Angel View Post
The video version of The Exterminator classified by the BBFC in the 80's was the one with the additional BBFC cuts (on top of the cinema cuts). I don't think it was the R version. Did the MPAA ever cut the film? I know the BBFC did but never heard of the MPAA cutting it.
The MPAA cut some of the violence including a shot of the american's severed head as it hangs by a bit of skin, and I think the attack on Steve James was reduced along with the soldering sequence.The MPAA also objected to the ending where Ginty survives after being shot.I gather in US prints he was supposed to be killed off (though I'm not sure it was actually altered 100%).I have the AB OOP directors cut (similar I think to the last dvd release here.The big Box Intervision version I saw contained the lengthy scene where Ginty fills his shells with Mercury.Later video versions cut this footage though as far as I know it was in the cinema version. I think Angel saw this on release so she'll know better.

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