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Originally Posted by bdc View Post
Watched Too Beautiful to Die last weekend.
Decent 80's giallo effort by Dario Piana who manages to inject some style into this one.
Of course the 80's was a period of further decline for giallo...

Did think the ending was rather weak though as opposed to Nothing Underneath.
This unrelated prequel to Too Beautiful to Die started off slow but had a really fun ending imo.

So to conclude:
Nothing Underneath aka Sotto il vestito niente (1985)
Slow starter but builds up to a rather good ending in true giallo style.

Too Beautiful to Die aka Sotto il vestito niente 2 (1988)
Starts off as stylish fun (in true giallo style) but builds up to a bit of a disappointing (or so-so) ending.
Is there a DVD release of Too Beautiful to Die, b?

I have the very good AWE release of Nothing Underneath, which is a very enjoyable giallo, and certainly one of my favourites from the 1980s (not like that is saying a lot though! )
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