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Originally Posted by Argentofan View Post
Will be buying a few Giallo soon. I've seen quite a few, mainly Argento one's though obviously. Branching out!

Will be getting Black Belly Of A Tarantula cause I've heard it's a better example. but would like suggestions?
Have got most of the Shameless Giallo's, watched most too.
Which kind do you like?
There's lots of different gialli.

Classical giallo (Blood and Black Lace,The Bird with the Chrystal Plumage,Who Saw Her Die?...)
Poliziotto giallo (Black Belly of the Tarantula,Death Occurred last Night,So Sweet,So Dead...)
Suspense giallo (The Sweet Body of Deborah,Orgasmo,Perversion Story...)
Giallo-fantastico (Suspiria,Inferno,Malocchio...)
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