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Default SHAM029/SHAM200 - New York Ripper HD: The BBFC Verdict

Shameless have resubmitted New York Ripper to the BBFC and we now have the verdict which is that the current cuts still stand. Shameless appealed this decision however the BBFC have stated that the scene in question is against their policy regarding sexualised violence and so has to go.

Despite this, however, there's plenty of good news. As with Shameless’s original New York Ripper DVD, the cuts have been edited so that the running time remains unaffected and they’re going to make sure that the BBFC don’t get this wrong on the website this time! In addition to this, Shameless have painstakingly sourced and added approximately 3 minutes of footage not in the previous Shameless version, as well as adding a new scene of approximately 15 seconds not present in the Blue Underground BD, making this the longest version of the film available anywhere. Add into this some as-yet-secret-but-stunning extras, a beautiful high definition transfer and that packaging, this is still a version of New York Ripper that is worth viewing and owning and demonstrates Shameless's continued commitment to fans including doing all they could with the BBFC with a tiny cut.

More info on the release including extras and finalised artwork will be released in the coming weeks so keep your eyes peeled!

For more info on why some Shameless releases are cut, check out the Shameless FAQ section.

Please note that any discussion of the BBFC decision is to take place on this thread only - comments posted on other threads to do with this release will be removed as we need to keep threads tidy and focused.

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