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Originally Posted by Nosferatu@Cult Labs View Post
It's posts like this that seem to justify the BBFC's decision as, from what you have said, you are only interested in the gore elements and not in the construction, direction or artistic merits of films at all.
Who the hell do you think you are? Condescending pseudo holier than thou garbage like this is the reason why cult labs forums members get a reputation for being mindless fanboys. New york ripper is, was and will forever be know and loved for the sleaze and nasty gore, thats why people buy it! It sure as hell isnt for the artistic merit.

Who are you to bring this guy down because he wants all the gore intact? ITS AN EXPLOTATION FILM! You understand that?? Back in the day horror fans would go nuts trying to track down an uncut version to see the nasty fx, but now we should all evolve into better beings and watch cut versions of horror films for the amazing cinematography? I dont know what world you live in pal but its not the real one.

The Shameless blu-ray is cut, the BU disc is not, its that simple! Its not a scene of a cat eating a mouse, its a cut to one of fulci's most well done and realistic gore effects. The shamesless disc may have its merits, it may be a worthwhile purchase for extras etc but dont start preaching morals at us because we want to see all the gore in a horror/expoitation film

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