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Originally Posted by Steel76 View Post
Personally I felt a bit attacked by the post about "only caring for gore", like Iīm some kind of a wierdo getting off to the scene or something.

But, I can take that. Just donīt think I watch these film only for the gore. I just want them to be intact, especially since the Fulci films are famous for these scenes.

and that is my point. Just because some of us prefer to see the movies intact doesn't give others the right to make attacking comments (such as "only caring for gore" in our direction and make us sound as though we are obsessed on the splatter). I admire the look. framing and the style of these classic movies. I simply don't appreciate reframing, rezooming and messing around with footage in any way other than the director intended. Vipco and Hardgore did that (granted they were mostly precut by distributors) - and look what happened to them!

However, it appears that retalliation to any extent is frowned upon now. I guess that it is more acceptable to insult a large group of people rather than defending your views against one individual.

This all seems a bit Animal Farm to me... all forum members are equal.. but some are more equal than others depending on their view!
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