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Originally Posted by Nosferatu@Cult Labs View Post
I apologise if you felt insulted or attacked as that was not my intention.
No worries, apology accepted.

Things can easily go out of hand in heated discussions at times and itīs easy to misunderstand or take things too serious in text form.

I can be a bit picky with releases at times as I can easily detect compression artifacts, DNR or if the black levels are off in a transfer/disc etc. But I also know that some things canīt be 100 procent perfect at times depending on source etc.

So even though I (sadly) am this picky about these things + cut footage, and might comment critically on things at times in the forums, I donīt mean to be nasty or being a prick.

Well, letīs put this behind us. I hope this disc does well for Shameless so we can get some more sweet titles in yellow BD cases in a near future

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