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Following on from discussions going on here...I'll be buying NYR Blu though I would prefer if it was for the censorship discussions? I feel that members have been banned because mods are taking the whole personal attack thingy quite literally...the "you are only interested in the gore elements and not in the construction, direction or artistic merits of films at all", to me is by definition a personal attack AND condescending (sorry I have to agree with the now "excluded" member)...for them to reply with "Who the hell do you think you are?" is the same type of response & therefore fair game...on movie forums we can all get very heated in discussion about the movies we love...but respect has to be completely across the board...the "ex member" did not use offensive language like stupid bstrd, cnt or similar...he took a defensive stance as the post he was replying to was a "put down"...I get on with everyone on here (even people I have been irritated by & whom I have irritated!) but PLEASE take a step back & stop this illiberal attitude... & reinstate this member...let's get back to the passion of cinema (and with that PASSIONATE discussion!)
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