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Default SHAM029/SHAM200 - New York Ripper HD: The Tech Debate

We’ve set up this thread so that you can get your feedback to Shameless regarding their release of New York Ripper on DVD and BD. This is the place where you can give your opinions in the build up to the release: what you hope Shameless will and won’t do technically and why. When NYR is released on 25 April 2011 you can pass on your feedback on the technical aspects of the release here too.

Please note: this is not the place to review the film itself, rather a place to give constructive feedback on the release itself e.g. picture quality, audio, subtitles etc. Also, there are already (or soon will be) threads for discussion of BBFC decisions, special features and artwork so it would be appreciated if you refrain from discussing these particular aspects here.

All opinions are welcome as long as they are constructive in the sense that they are providing useful feedback for Shameless. Any members seen to be attacking others for their opinion (whether positive or negative) will have their posts deleted and will receive an infraction or, potentially, a ban.
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