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Ah well I discovered this as the heavily cut Creepers that Palace put out. Without the web and only Darkside easily kicking about it took quite a bit of detective work to become a fan so when I got Tenebrae as an old Betamax tape I thought I have to get more Argento - this guy is mental!

So I was well pleased to discover an old Palace sell-thru tape in the Brunstfield branch of Azad Video in the early 90s. It was another manic assault on the senses and the bonus of Jennifer Connolly being in it was quite something. I was never that keen on the way Palace packaged it but thinking about it it was an attempt to create a collectible range which included other treats from Basketcase to Dream Demon.

Back then the thought of Creepers uncut was just something you could never think would happen or indeed widescreen with picture quality to match so the debate focused very much on the films we watched and that was a huge part of the fun of collecting and getting into horror - pulling the films apart.
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