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The Wes Craven episodes are some of his best work, IMO.

The one that has stuck with me since I first saw it is "Wordplay" in which the protagonist has trouble pronouncing the names of some new products he is expected to sell and then slowly the English language changes meaning around him. Everyone else is talking what seems to be gibberish, but it is him who has lost the power of language. Then his young son gets very ill...

Being unable to communicate terrifies me (I dislike travelling abroad for this reason) and this short really hit home with me. A masterpiece of succinct horror.

There is also a great comedy episode (not by Craven) called "I Of Newton" which has a brilliant pay-off.

And there was a decent adaptation of Stephen King's Cthulhu Mythos story "Gramma", which captured the tension of the story very well.

I have an E180 full of them somewhere - reckon I'll dig it out tonight!
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