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The Dead Zone (1983) cracking acting throughout from Walken.
Carrie (1976) Still one of the best King adaptions & one of De Palma's best.Nice score too along with fine acting from Spacek & Laurie.
Salem's Lot (1979) though it's lost it punch now I recall this series giving me & many classmates the creeps on its first transmission.
The Mist (2007) A real classic that will be better appreciated in years to come.
The Shining (1980) very little King remains but it's still a great horror film.I have the mini-series but have still yet to watch it.
The Night Flier (1997) Miguel Ferrer excells as an unpleasant journalist.
Christine (1983) Another favourite with nice performances from Keith Gordon & Robert Prosky.
Misery is also a fine film & I have a soft spot for the entertaining Silver Bullet (though the identity of the werewolf is obvious due to miscasting),Needful Things & Graveyard Shift (trash but enjoyable trash)
Creepshow is also great fun with "The Crate" being my favourite story with Adrienne Barbeau & Hal Halbrook on nice form.

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