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Default Books About the Twilight Zone

Seeing as I know Cult Labs people are the kind of folks who like to get behind the scenes of things, I thought I'd post a few books that I think are worth a look at.

A word of warning though, if you're someone who hasn't seen the show for years, all of these have spoilers, and the last thing you want with The Twilight Zone is spoilers. I'd recommend picking up the upcoming BD/DVD editions and THEN reading these books if you're interested.

Rod Serling & The Twilight Zone - Douglas Brode & Carol Serling

Not so much behind the scenes, but more of a look at the meaning behind episodes and their subtext. It's decent to watch an episode and then read this for a little food for thought.

Dimensions Behind The Twilight Zone - Stewart Stanyard

A very handsome book this one. a shame it's not hardcover. Full of interviews with people who were in The Twilight Zone or involved, plus essays and some rare photos. Has a nice perspective that other books don't have.

The Twilight Zone Companion - Marc Zicree

Probably the most famous book out there, a good solid reference to all things Twilight Zone.

Unlocking the Door to a Television Classic - Martin Grams Jr

If you only buy one book about The Twilight Zone, this is the one to get. More facts than you'll ever want, and loads of quotes from everyone involved. Not so much in the way of criticism, but that's not really what it's about.

Rod Serling's Twilight Zone

A book of adapted stories. Probably not essential, but interesting, as some of the stories go their own way from the original televised versions.

The Twilight Zone - The Original Stories

This one is pretty old now. I got it on Amazon Marketplace for about ten pence! Great book though; it's some of the short stories that episodes were based on, by masters like Ray Bradbury and Richard Matheson.

Rod Serling's Night Gallery - Skelton Benson

Probably the only work on Night Gallery that I know of. An excellent book. Goes behind the scenes a lot with the turmoil that was going on. Also reviews and behind the scenes stuff about every episode. You can get it reasonably in soft cover - be prepared to pay for hard cover.

Anyone else know of any good books, post away!

(I hope these pics aren't too big, if they are, mods please let me know)

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