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Hello all!

My name is Luke and I am a Twilight Zone obsessive. My obsession started when a friend showed me the series many years ago. I've been hooked since. I've gone through the various DVD stages (the vol releases and the newest releases) and I look forward to further releases.

Thanks to the beauty of the Twilight Zone podcast, I am so glad to have discovered this place. For years I've wanted a place were I could "nerd out" with fellow Zoners.


A couple of years ago, some friends and I came up with an idea for a Twlight Zone-esque series which we could air online for free. Thus, The Collector's Room was born. Please visit the website (I can't post the URL due to post count, so... Google it?) - I would love to get some feedback from genuine Zone fans.

Look forward to the discussions!

Fan of The Twilight Zone? Then check out The Collector's Room - a sci-fi series in true Twilight Zone fashion.
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