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Smile Prisoner: Cell Block H - YOU choose the volume colour! Vol 9 - CLOSED

Volume 9 of the fabulous Prisoner: Cell Block H comes out on DVD in the UK on 29th August and Shock Entertainment want YOU to choose the colour of the Prisoner logo that goes on the DVD case of this and the volumes that follow this year.

Your colour choice can be as relevant or abstract as you like - as long as it makes sense in your head. Now for Volume 7 the majority vote was for bright pink and for vol 8 bright lime green - because of that pink, lime green and green blue are not going to be available for vol 9 as we can't have two greens next to each other but come vol 10 green blue will be back as an option (but not bright pink - it's vol 7, and vol 8 is lime green). Ya see - it's simple!

PLEASE NOTE THE VOTING PANEL IS AT THE TOP OF THIS THREAD - any problems seeing how to vote just say and we'll help you out - it's dead simple but if it's your first time then let us help.

Ok so here's what happens in Volume 9:

Ladies and gentlemen, brace yourselves for The Freak.

As if Wentworth isn’t busy enough with bashings, suspected lagging and attempted murder, Officer Joan ‘The Freak’ Ferguson (Maggie Kirkpatrick) arrives, announcing her presence with the first of her infamous black glove body searches.

Before she even arrives though, one inmate won’t stop escaping, another is dealing in out of date drugs and Doreen secretly trains a gang of attack dogs.

But what none of them know is that one of the women will end up in a hospital for the criminally insane.

In over 25 hours of solid gold episodes, this 8 DVD box set will grip and delight every fan of TV’s iconic Prisoner Cell Block H.

Now what colour best suits that set of episodes???

Our thanks to Scott from the wonderful PRISONER CELL BLOCK H .:ON THE INSIDE:. for the idea of the colour vote and a warm welcome to his readers and Facebook members. Please do note YOUR involvement will help drive future releases of Prisoner: Cell Block H in the UK so please vote and please pass this on to everyone you know who will be interested - it takes seconds to sign up and get stuck in!

Quick rules:

This vote closes 12pm Tuesday 1st Mar 2011. After that we'll open up the vote on volume 10!

Please note that Shock reserve the right on any final decision in terms of the colour chosen - clearly the idea is that the vote decides but we need to say this just in case some exceptional circumstances dictate emergency measures which we haven't managed to dream up! Also Shock Entertainment retain all design copyright and ownership so even if you help choose the winning colour they own the final design forever - let's call it their steam press - it's theirs and you can't have it. Mrs Davidson is uncomfortable with this policy but the Minister has overruled her so welcome to life on the inside - stop complaining or it's Barnhurst for you!

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