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So here's how to win!

I was trying to think of something to do for this week, and this idea kinda fitted perfectly.

Muppets -everyone likes them. If you don't then you're an idiot (!). Jennifer Connelly stared in the brilliant muppet film, Labyrinth, and the title Phenomena reminds me of the muppets. So we'll go with that.

Also, Argento's known for his gialli, sooo in this competition you'll have to fill in the gaps - just like a giallo.

So, over the week I will be posting pictures like the ones below. Phrases from horror films. All you need to do is fill in the blank. But not with the correct answer, oh no, with something that is crazy and just plain hillarious. Similar to the segment they do on Have I Got News For You.

Each time I add a new phrase - probably more than once a day - I'll also pick the funniest entry from the previous one and pop it into a hat (maybe more than one entry, depending). Then whoever has been picked over the week will be jumbled up in the hat and three names will be randomly selected next sunday.


So, here's the first one...

Get joking!

Good luck!


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