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Default Prisoner Fan Forum!

Hello there everyone!

Some of you know who i am but for all of you who donīt, iīm OFA
and iīve watched prisoner for the first time back in 1994 and it was episode 2 that was the first ep for me.
My sister had seen ep 1 and told me about it as she thought it might be a show that i would like.
And how right she was.

Now 17 years later i have my own forum about this fabulous show.
Prisoner Fan Forum as itīs called has been online for a couple of years and last year it merged with a bigger tv series forum
called We Like TV Forum and is now a part of that.

You are all very welcome to check out these forums.
You donīt have to be a member or log in to read the threads and posts.

But iīm hoping you would like to join and start or take part in discussions about your favourite show?

Welcome over to
We Like TV Forum
Prisoner Fan Forum
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