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I think you should get a prize for that - you may want to snap a plethora of cabinet-encased DVDs just to make sure.

All jokes aside, that really looks like a great event. Wish I could attend but Iíll have moved from London by then and wonít be coming back in a hurry.

Also, and I have to hand it to Shameless, whoever it was that came up with the idea of getting Deodato to oversee a new version of the film. There was absolutely no way in hell that the film would have gotten an uncut release but by getting the director back to oversee a new version of the film (sans animal cruelty, I take it) the filmís got as good a chance as any passing the BBFC without cuts.

Iím sure there are a lot of people who have avoided the film in the past because of the animal cruelty, or, if youíre like me, have avoided re-watching it for years (I finally saw it again last year after telling myself I wouldnít for 16 years!). I would imagine with all the controversy the film caused at the time of release and the kicking it still gets from some people today, Deodato would have been happy to be given the opportunity to go back and re-assess the problematic elements. Iím definitely up for seeing a revised version.