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Ok, my use of this forum is getting very expensive. What version of Hard Target can you recommend? Is the DC cut available. AS Universal hasn't released it then I'd guess not. I own the UK DVD release which is this 116 Minute "European Cut"?

I started watching JCVD in Bloodsport, Kickboxer and Cyborg. I always thought that Cyborg was heavily edited and have only found out recently that it was. The director, Albert Pyun, was kicked out of the editing suite by JCVD and someone else and the movie was re-scored by Kevin Bassinson. The Director's Cut is now available but the quality is rough given that it was taken from two long last VHS screeners, that the original composer owned, and JC was dubbed as the print had been created before he completed his ADR on the movie.
If anyone is interested, the DC can be bought through Curran Pictures, through Albert's Facebook page. But, it is for hardcore fans only.

i lost interest in JC's career post Double Team.

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