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In it, I say that, in my opinion, Wake Wood is the closet film in spirit to classic Hammer so I'm wondering...

What is everyones favourite Hammer title and why?

I'll go with Plague of the Zombies for a number of reasons. The way it updates the classic poverty row Zombie plot of a devious boss character who zombies the locals for cheap labour by transporting it to a cornish tin mining town. This way, they can play with the classic format and get their trademark mix of middle class Victorians and classic yokels into the movie.

I'm also a fan because the film looks back to the classic era but also has a few ideas that would be fleshed out in the more explicit films of Romero, etc.

I think it might also be the birth place of grey rotted hands clawing the soil as the dead rise from graves marked with skewed handstones, a classic Zombie trope that's now standard issue.
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