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Default And my favourite impailing is...

Hatchet 2 is a fanboy movie. Let's not forget that. Some films are made to push the boundaries of horror, either through extremity, pretensions to art or radical new ideas, and some are made to give lovers of splatter shtick an entertaining watch.

Hatchet 2 is just that, a lovingly crafted and over the top checklist of splatter slasher cliches shot through with new and often hilarious ways to despatch the hapless victims.

I'm positive I spotted a less than subtle reference to The Story of Ricky in there as well.


If a film maker was going to make a loving tribute to classic gore gone by, which awesome kills would you like included?

First I'll spoil your fun by saying the eyeball piercing in Zombi 2. Within the confines of this thread, that's the equivalent of going into a guitar store and playing Stairway to Heaven anyway, so just sparing the embarassment in advance.

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