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Hi guys, new to this thread, and know this has probably been discussed before time and time again, but just as an ice breaker of sorts I'd like to find out peoples personal favourite gialli. I'm more interested in you personal favourite as opposed to what people think is the best example of the genre, even if they know it may be a dodgy choice. I'm going to stick my neck out and say Opera. There's something about it that really gets under my skin everytime I watch it, and gets my fear glands working, maybe something to do with the pins forcing her to watch these grotesque killings, I feel myself getting so into it that I daren't even blink. I also find it amusing that dario seems to relish putting a bullet through his ex wifes eye, and that she herself seems so willing to participate. Certainly a bonkers relationship those two had. Feel free to agree, or even completely disagree and tell me how stupid I am to pick this one:-).
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