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Originally Posted by PaulD View Post
When I was younger I remember my mother regularly recorded Prisoner Cell Block H from Tyne Tees in perhaps the early to mid 90's. I seem to recall it was on quite late although I would have been about 10-11 or so at the time so even 10pm would seemed quite late to me! I remember her recording it and watching it at the weekend (or in the morning if she was off during my school summer holidays) and watching some of them with her, being quite shocked at how gritty and violent it seemed to my young eyes! I'd love to watch some of it again to see how much I could remember but at the minute the dvds are at the very very bottom of a long to-buy-list unfortunately.

Hazy things I do remember:
  • Lizzie smoking
  • the steam press
  • The Freak!
  • A big fire in the prison
  • someone (maybe Lizzie) finally being let out, being unable to adjust to life on the outside and comitting a minor crime (shoplifting?)
  • An escape bid during a pantomime
  • Constant talk of the "Top Dog"
  • And finally, the theme tue which I used to find really depressing even back then
I used to watch it late as well with my mum on Tyne Tees, despite the fact I had to be up for school the next day (I'm nearly 27 now).

Remember all the storylines mentioned there. I remember Faye Quinn, played by Anne Lucas, was let out (this was around the time of Nola McKenziecoming in- Faye's son Billy was played by Alan Chaplin, who was later Heather Rogers's brother Mark, who got caught in a nasty accident on the orders of Marie Winter, who I've met in real life), committed a shoplifting crime, and came back in again. Paddy Lawson was another- she got released after the big fire, tried to escape with Andy Hudson, got caught and sent back to prison, and then got killed by Nola, as Nola wanted to stay in Wentworth and not go back to Western Australia.

Prisoner used to be on at around 10.40pm/11.40pm on Tyne Tees.
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