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Default Vera 'Vinegar Tits' Bennett

From the very first episode, the character of Vera is highly intriguing. Superbly portrayed by Fiona Spence, the officer's harshness towards the women and sometimes other staff members nearly always results in her receiving some method of revenge, whether physical or verbal.

Vera has no real friends or social life what so ever outside of Wentworth, and therefore makes her job the principle aspect of her life. In contrast to her outside world, Wentworth allows Vera to have some authority over other people and gives her purpose in her otherwise rather empty life.

Though, at times, Vera causes conflicts for no apparent reason and can be quite hurtful when willing to be, a part of me can feel a bit sorry for her at certain points. On the whole, Vera's attitude towards the inmates is predominanty and she considers the idea of rehabilitation a complete waste of time. Having said this, the woman is very much a fighter and most certainly one of the show's most iconic characters. I will always remember Vera's numerous confrontations with Erica Davidson.

Some of Vera's best moments, exploits and events (that I can remember off hand):

Episode 1 - Christened 'Vinegar Tits' by Franky
Episode 3 - Plays a big part in provoking Franky's riot
Episode 7 - Supposedly house-bound mother dies
Episode 16 - Framed by Bea, Lizzie and Monica and later suspended
Episodes 32/33 - Tied up by George Lucas
Episodes 39/40 - Loses the position of deputy governor to Jim Fletcher
Episode 54 - Held at fork-point by Martha Eaves
Episode 75 - Made fun of during the Christmas concert
Episode 121 - Stripped of her uniform and tied up during the rooftop demonstration
Episodes 140-141 - Teams up with Kay White against Bea
Episode 144 - Attacked outside her home for pressurising Tracey Morris
Episode 148 - One-night stand with Damien Travena
Episode 155 - Turns up to work drunk and gets her keys pinched. A group of the women later force feed her alchohol
Episodes 214-223 - Develops a romance with Terry Harrison which almost concludes in the pair getting married
Episode 224 - Leaves Wentworth for good to become the governor of Barnhurst
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