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Question Your Favourite Horror Film from 1980

1980 was a year for some brilliant horror films, but which one is your favourite? What makes it special to you? When did you first see it? Would you recommend it to the uninitiated?

Sometimes it's a hard decision to just pick one film (even when you're limiting it to a single year!), - impossible in this case! but my favourite film(s) of 1980 is(are!)...

The Shining - Stanley Kubrick

One of Kubrick's best works, and a decent adaptation of the highly acclaimed Stephen King novel, The Shining is a superb portrayal of one man's breakdown into madness and eventually the psychotic. Terrific performances from all involved (particularly Nicholson) coupled with some fantastic cinematography makes this essential viewing.


Tied with:

City of the Living Dead - Lucio Fulci

Not my favourite Fulci Zombie film, but City just oozes atmosphere and intensity. I love the mist shrouded cemetery, the gore, the chilling atmosphere, the cinematography, and the twinge of desperation that fills every scene.


I honestly can't decide between them, as they are completely different horror films, and I love them for completely differing reasons.

Maybe some people will think me mad, but I absolutely love City of the Living Dead, hence it being up there with the highly acclaimed Shining.

Runners Up:
Altered States
Cannibal Holocaust
The Changeling
The Fog
Friday the 13th
The House on the Edge of the Park
Zombie Holocaust

Plus so many more that almost made the Runners Up list (in fact, I could of done with a Runners Up Runners Up list...).
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