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Watched a couple of films last night I picked up recently. Charles Band's Hideous! and recent brit shocker Broken.

Hideous! was a pretty bad film in all respects but good old Charles Band sure knows how to make bad films entertaining It was pretty fun (it probably helped that i'd had a few beers beforehand) but if you like Puppet Master, Ghoulies and the like you might enjoy this. Jacqueline Lovell walking round pretty much naked the whole time certainly helps

Broken was a pretty nasty Saw/ Hostel type cash in about a woman kidnapped and held captive in some woods where she's made to do pretty sick things in some kind of endurance test to see if she'll stick it out in hopes of getting her daughter back, or give up and kill herself. Not a bad film at all really, it was a bit grim and downbeat in places but dragged a bit in others. Worth watching though overall.
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