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I bought the UK Lone Wolf & Cub boxset ages, but a couple of the movies were cut and picture quality was fairly poor. Ended up selling them on ebay and getting most of my money back. I bought the R1 singles in a DeepDiscountDVD sale rather than the boxset to avoid import duty and being ripped off by the post office. Absolutely cracking set of films. Shogun Assassin was based on the first two movies, Sword Of Vengeance & Baby Cart At The River Styx, probably my favourites of the series. I know the third movie Baby Cart To Hades, was also released as Shogun Assassin 2: Lightening Swords Of Death but didn?t know the rest had. I don?t know if Shogun Assasin was recut & dubbed like the original Shogun Assassin, or if its just a renaming.

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