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Originally Posted by sarahw1984 View Post
I actually like the much maligned Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers but I much prefer the Producer's Cut.

As for the direction I'd like to see the series take? I'd like them to return to the storyline of parts 4, 5 and 6. They'd have to explain how the hell Laurie managed to have two babies around the same time as each other who weren't twins of course but I'm sure they can work that out. If they can keep bringing Michael back from the dead then they can write a background story to an odd pregnancy!

If they ever bring Busta Rhymes back though I'll burn my DVDs!

H6 was always my favourite of the sequels aswell. Could never understand the amount of negativity towards it. Halloween 2 and 4 are close seconds but I've always loved H6, I really liked how it took the formula of the previous sequels and added a lot more action and gore to the death scenes. It was an interesting approach to take in a Halloween film but it really worked IMO. It certainly made for some entertaining scenes, seeing Michael Myers shove someone into a power generator until their head exploded was brilliant.

As for the new film, I'm with you on that Sarah. I'd love to see them return to the story arc from 4, 5 and 6 and revisit the whole pregnancy, Jamie's baby plot. They really need to dispense with all the modern/ mtv type teen slasher crap and get back to business. Michael deserves far better than that IMO. I'm dreading it being a follow up/ Halloween 2 remake to Rob Zombies (if thats possible ).
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