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Default Has the BBFC decision changed your opinion of Cannibal Holocaust?

With the BBFC only requesting 15 secs of cuts, will this change your view of the film? The approval of a certificate to this version of the film, only missing the killing of the muskrat, means that the rest of the film doesn't contravene any UK laws and, more importantly, says that there was no cruelty to the animals.

So what do you think - have the BBFC lost their marbles or is there now going to be a wider accepting of the idea that, although animals are killed, no cruelty was employed? Are you more inclined to watch the rough stuff in light of the recent ruling of the BBFC or do you still think the animal footage is unacceptable?

Let's hear your thoughts!

(and can a Mod correct my spelling in the thread title, please? LOL! Thanks.)
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