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Originally Posted by bizarre_eye@Cult Labs View Post
I completely agree with you on the poster Demdike - it's completely dull and uninspiring.

As for the film, it will be great to see how the Italian maestro handles the Dracula legend (although I'm hoping that we won't see another Phantom of the Opera!). I think the quality of the film will come down to how much creative control Argento has, coupled with the quality of acting talent available - Hauer is a solid performer, so this one may surprise, but hopefully not shock!
Well, it is a promo poster artwork after all, and no final poster to seduce any possible cinema goers. So the final poster will look better, I guess.

Very true, bizarre_eye. Hauer is a remarkable face and it would be nice to see a real badass Abraham Van Helsing; I hope the script does give Hauer some one liners as I think that a subtle and sophisticated Van Helsing would not fit Hauer.

Im one of the few who actually liked his Mother of Tears. It had suspense, gory effects and the lovely Asia in the lead. Three pros in my book. Of course, Savini instead of CGI would have been better - I was quite happy with the end result, though, especially as I do not expect clever plots from an Argento flick.

However, I personally would love Argento to pick up his old Suspiria and especially his Inferno-style - I like his visual ideas on those two very much and I missed it in MoT. But I doubt we will see such stylish movies nowadays - as I also think that the general audience would not accept such movies today and that also Argento may not be capable of directing that way anymore.


PS: Found another artwork. Still no classy thing, but better than the one already posted, I'd say.
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