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Not me Tom but I've left a review today. I've just ordered the new bluray of series 1, how does it measure up on this format? I'll have curtail my listening to the podcasts until I've watched my discs as I either haven't seen, or can't remember a lot of the episodes and your podcasts are ruining them
I first remember watching TZ with my dad when I was a kid along with The Outer Limits and then the late 80's late night showings after staggering in from a club in my late teens and just loving it. Me and my mates used to sit in the pub discussing the episodes we'd watched, one lad who couldn't keep away from fruit machines was taunted with 'Fraaankliin.' Sad I know.
Two that stick in my mind are 'Willoughby' and a time travel one with Dana Andrews in it, I look forward to your comments on these. Keep up the good work mate.
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