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I dunno how to grab from me DVD - could you tell me how?

Yes, I do like that song in a "what the **** is this unbelievably awful shit?" way... I just cannot believe such a ludicrous piece of music could ever be created, let alone put on the beginning AND end of a film that it is completely unsuited for!

It is sadly very hard to find to find this recording - perhaps wisely most record companies have kept it off Demis Roussos releases (odd to think that they don't consider them all shite!)

I think it would sell, they could do a limited edition of 500 and I bet it would shift...

The Stelvio Cipriani CD would defo sell if it was widely promoted on blogs - the full soundtrack to La Poliza Chiede Aiuto / What have they done to your daughters? has never been released - only a couple of tracks are available across a handfull of compilations.

OK - it was released on vinyl in 1974, but screw that, I'm not searching on Ebay for something that will cost a fortune and be crackling in my ears when I listen via the i-pod!

Maybe I should start a petition to release it, if I had the time I certainly would but ultimately there are more important things to do; like eating sushi...
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