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Originally Posted by Jock Mooney View Post
I dunno how to grab from me DVD - could you tell me how?
You just need a software DVD player with a audio capture option. There are many available (I'm using:

I could do it for you but I don't have Night Train Murders anymore.

Originally Posted by Jock Mooney View Post
Yes, I do like that song in a "what the **** is this unbelievably awful shit?" way... I just cannot believe such a ludicrous piece of music could ever be created, let alone put on the beginning AND end of a film that it is completely unsuited for!
According to Aldo Lado himself, it was a way to start and conclude the movie with a less dramatic tone - to put a little bit of tenderness in a very dark and violent story... The idea was not bad, but the song is just annoying.

He did the same in The Short Night of The Glass Dolls. In the middle of the movie, there's an ultra cheesy/romantic folk song.
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