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Originally Posted by Reaper@Cult Labs View Post
I had bought it on the No Shame label when I went on a Martino shopping spree,but foolishly never watched it all the way through before trading it.

When I get round to watching the Shameless disc it will be my first time.
I also snapped up the above NS DVD some time back when i went on a spending spree buying a fair few of the late label's titles. A cavalcade of cop thrillers and Gialli among other efforts and they're all still sealed!

Subsequently, Mya Communication's edition under the Blade Of The Ripper moniker was eventually picked up by yours truly. Another DVD boxed up back at the flat!

I intend to grab the Shameless version a.s.a.p. and like yourself, viewing this release will be my first exposure to Sergio Martino's popular slasher.
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