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This seems to be a good place to answere this question:

Originally Posted by The Collector's Room View Post
Has anyone seen any clips for it yet? I'd be really interested to see how episodes like Twenty Two turn out considering how they were filmed.
Just for the un-initiated. Six episodes of The Twilight Zone season 2 were filmed on video tape instead of film as they usually were - a cost cutting exercise if you will. These episodes are noticeably different in look from the usual episodes.

To answer your question Collector's Room, I'm working my way through season two on BD at the moment, and as expected the regular episodes look as good as they did on season 1. As far as the video tape ones go, I watched Twenty Two so I could respond.

I think there's an improvement over DVD, but it's minimal and some of the flaws like slight trailing when people move are still there. I think this is a case of doing the best they could with what they had. The episodes have always stuck out like a sore thumb, and in all honesty they still do, but I think there is as much of an improvement as we can expect.

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