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Originally Posted by TwilightZoneTom@Cult Labs View Post
Great point, I agree, they definately need that presence again.

Especially seeing as I'm sure, like with most things these days, they'll be looking to go beyond just one movie. It would be nice to have that throughline of one person introducing each story. Back in the day I always thought of Serling as more than just a narrator, if you strip away what you know about him being the creator etc, his presence was like that of some sort of entity, or custodian from The Twilight Zone. It would be nice to see that mantle passed on to someone with a suitable presence (Not you Forest Whittaker).

As to how the movie as a whole should be presented, I'll have to give that soem thought, like you say, definately a tough one to call.
what about Mark Heap? but then i recommend him for everything...
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