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Originally Posted by tobiaswragg View Post
Yes, very thorough. I didn't know heretofore that Kermode was so down on the film, which may actually be my favourite Fulci (of those I've seen up to now). And yes, a commentary involving Calum Waddell would have been interesting.
Thanks But rather than being a part of it I'd just rather Shameless had gone a bit further and let us interview Paolo Malco and Zora Kerova!!!! The opportunity was there to do more. The stuff that is on there is the off-cuts of our Arrow interviews with Dardano Sacchetti and Antonella Fulci - as anyone who has seen City of the Living Dead (or our extensive Dardano piece on Bay of Blood) will know. We handed them an hour's worth of footage so I'm interested to see the final cut.

We also had nothing to do with the editing of this so the title blunder pointed out in the above review is not ours!

(As an aside, hope people support this release. The BBFC cut is bogus - especially given that you can now tie up a pig and kick it, not animal cruelty at all apparently - and I hope to see more Shameless on HD )
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